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Let me start with, IT WAS SO AWESOME!!!! 

I got to watch the premier of the movie tonight thanks to C-Interactive, not only that but I also won a perfume from Nine West called Love Fury (which smells so good, my mom said its similar to J.Lo’s). A free movie plus a new perfume, I’d say naka-quota na ko. Now onto the movie:

The film begins with how the last movie ended, when Bella Swan-Cullen(Masen) opened her blood red eyes. We also got to see what it was like seeing through vampire’s eyes. I also love how Bella bashed and hit Jacob Black for imprinting on her daughter and it was funny how Edward Cullen was egging Bella on. I think the only thing that was not good in the movie was baby Renesmee, and I’m not talking about Mackenzie Foy here. The freaking baby was a fake! And it looks like one. My theater seatmate even commented that it look liked a toy doll. I mean, they did so good with the wolves, they were almost life like, so how come they did so poorly on the baby, ugh!. Anyway, book-to-movie-wise it was also good, they rearranged some, omitted some, but it was alright, I don’t think there is a movie-to-book film that has been translated word for word. They included enough details from the book so that the moments we loved are present (ahem, twilight). Not only that but they’ve added something special as well.

MAJOR SPOILER ALERT: (Skip this part if you don’t want any spoilers)

Upon the confrontation with The Volturi, when Alice showed up, things turned for the worse. So instead of a non-fighting confrontation (book-verse), we get to see them fight and sadly, die. When Aro touched Alice for the ‘proof’ that Renesmee is not a threat, she(Alice) saw in a vision that Aro won’t change his mind and still kill the Cullen and everyone that is with them. Alice tells Bella that it is time and Bella tells Jacob to take care of her daughter and Jacob and Renesmee flee. Aro then orders the guards to restrain Alice but Carlisle won’t stand for it and attacks (Jasper was also restrained) but Aro intercepts Carlisle ripping his head off, killing him (This is the part where I am in denial, haha.) This causes for chaos to ensue, the Cullens and their friends attacks the Volturi. Bella’s power becomes very useful against Jane but Alec attacks her breaking the shield until someone kills Alec (sorry, I can’ remember). We also see Jasper dies, and Seth too when Benjamin seeing everyone struggling causes cracks to the ground, and not just small ones but upto the core of the earth kind of cracks; Seth falls into the crack trying to get a guard off Esme’s back. Leah sees this and attacks but was killed too. Now to the good part, when Jane saw that Alec was killed, she knows that she is powerless with Bella’s shield she runs but is chased by Alice which then drags her to Sam and Sam ravenously(is that even a word, lol) kills her. The first of the brothers to die is Caius followed by Marcus. I have to say that the way they killed Marcus was great, right before he was attacked he said “Finally” (or something like that) showing that he wanted to die, we twi-hards knows why so I won’t elaborate. And finally, Aro. Bella and Edward teams up to kill Aro and they succeeded (and everyone in the theater applauded, whooo!). But it turns out, that this was only a vision of Alice that Aro sees through touching her (see, i was right in my denial, and once again the crowd cheers). 


I love that they added something that was not in the book. I admit that I was a bit disappointed that nothing happened in the book. Although it was sad to see some of our beloved characters dies but it won’t be realistic if there aren’t no casualty on the part of the Cullens. It was also comical how Aro practically tells Caius to shut up every time he brings something up to incriminate the Cullens. 

Like I said when I walked out of the theater, I think the satisfaction of watching The Volturi being killed is enough to compensate for the other movies.

Another thing, I might regret saying this and maybe edited out later, but although HP is a better book, BD did a better job at translating the end of the series. I love HP(as seen on my header) but there was a lot in the film that was not so good. 

Since I don’t have my popcorns with me (refer to my HUNGER GAMES REVIEW), I’ll just put this in words

BREAKING DAWN PART 2 made me laugh, cry, oohed and cheer so this movie deserves 5/5 popcorns :)

Note: I’m sorry if this was not my usual review, I’m just so excited about the movie. I will watch it again and maybe post another review. :)



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You’re obsessed with the Hunger Games if…
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Thanks again to Nuffnang Philippines, Schick Razors  & Banana Boat for our movie tickets! :)
And oh, credits belong to Kate Spadefor most of the props in this post ;)
So, are you obsessed with the Hunger Games?


You’re obsessed with the Hunger Games if…

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Thanks again to Nuffnang Philippines, Schick Razors & Banana Boat for our movie tickets! :)

And oh, credits belong to Kate Spadefor most of the props in this post ;)

So, are you obsessed with the Hunger Games?

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The Hunger Games

Directed by: Gary Ross

Starring: Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Stanley Tucci, Liam Hemsworth, Elizabeth Banks

Costume: Over the top outfits, different colored ( and styled) hair, weirdly shaped beard (love that beard) and the girl on fire. The costume was well interpreted, although they are more eccentric the book ( blue skin remember?) the movie did it justice. Although I’m a bit miffed about President Snow’s appearance, I expected him to be more botox induced I guess. Oh, and more paler too. But, I did like that they made Haymitch a little polished. I know that he was supposed to be a drunk hobo but c’mon he’s the one who’s going to be talking to the sponsors, you think that the Capitol people will talk to him if he looks like a wasted drunkard?(wasted na nga drunk pa) They made him a bit polished but rugged enough that he still stays into character.

Cinematography: The camera shots/angles were fantastic. Its very different, it feels like you can really savor every moment. I really liked what they did. When they did a close up of Katniss concentrating on the blowing up the Career’s stuff was great. The only cliche shot was the scene where Katniss blew up the Career’s stuff.

Screenplay: Since I’ve only read the book once, I can’t quote the book very well. But I think they did good, it was minimal but it allowed the viewers to watch more rather than concentrating on listening to the characters. I also liked that the movie didn’t focus on the violent nature of the Games. They were killing each other but it didn’t look gory, tho since the camera was shaky it could be a little dizzying. I also liked how they showed how ruthless the Capitol really is and how manipulative President Snow is. The scenes in the control room showed that the Games to them is like a video game rather than a battle to the death with real human beings in it. 

Comparison: Since its based on a book, its inevitable to compare the movie to it. If I may say so, the movie did the book justice. They changed a few things, omitted some too, but that’s normal. What I like was they included the good parts, I know its hard to include everything from the book to the movie, they have limited screen time after all but for the viewers who has already read the books we have expectations. There are scenes that we want to see. Moments we know we will cry. (And cry I did) And the Hunger Games showed those to us. :)

Overall: The movie was great! But I felt that something was lacking. The movie can be more appreciated if you have read the book. Some of the backstory wasn’t really explained. What’s up with Katniss and her mother? Who’s the guy who blew up in the elevator thingy? What’s a mockingjay? It was a good thing that there was a commentary during the Games, so other stuff was explained in the Games (the wasps and the Career’s booby trap). But other than that everything was great. I cried at scenes I didn’t expect to cry

"I volunteer as Tribute."

and laughed at some too. :)

 ”That is Mahogany!”  (Obviously she needs to sort out her priorities)

                     So I give The Hunger Games 4.5/5 cheesy popcorn :)


"May the odds be ever in your favor."

Update: There was something I forgot! I read a rant when i searched the Hunger Games tag, one thing that she mentioned was the bread that District 11 sent to Katniss, which they did not include. I agree that they should’ve put it in the movie,(and I was kinda waiting on that too) but I think that the riot in District 11 and the hand signal that they did before that compensated for the missing bread. It shows a clearer meaning; Katniss stirred something within the people when she treated Rue as a friend and not only as an ally. 

Merry Brides: DIY : Braided Clay Bracelet


Guest Blog: Terry Legault

Yes I am obsessed with polymer clay. It’s such a fun material to work with because if you mess up… you just mash it all up and start again.

What you will need:

  • Polymer clay
  • Razor blade

Knead the clay with your hands to soften it up.


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Things we’re loving today: Floating Stairs

awesome. so chic.


Things we’re loving today: Floating Stairs

awesome. so chic.

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Merry Brides: DIY : Mini Cakes From Cans


I love this idea! Are these little cakes adorable or what? I think they would be fun to serve at a bridal party or rehearsal dinner. Or you can give them away as take home favors for small dinner parties.

To make the cakes:

Step 1. Remove paper from the empty can and clean it. Grease…

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